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A new documentary release!

The movie theater, a communal experience of the darkened room and light on the screen and the act of watching cinema, have had a profound influence on Goblin. Today we are sharing The Last Reel (2018), a documentary made by Goblin’s director Chris Lange. A recipient of a Minnesota State Arts Board’s media grant, the film documents the Plaza Maplewood Theater’s final days prior to handing its keys over to a megachurch. It’s at times a sad film, it’s Minnesotan, it’s an ode, it’s got some 35mm, an old projection booth, some animation, some religion, some Sam Raimi and Evil Dead — it’s about community. It feels like it could be any town with a small movie theater going through change.

Before editing, Chris sat on the footage for a few years (it was filmed in 2013), because he was freelancing on other projects, but the distance provided some perspective in regards to our current place of digital cinema, streaming, and the plethora of screens available.

Today is the first day that the film is available publicly. We hope you enjoy! And please remember our crowdfunding campaign; we need your support –> Visit the Goblin Kickstarter .