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The Goblin Car

Here’s a little tidbit on the writing process for Goblin…

I like to walk around the city, often in the evening or night, for that special kind of nocturnal inspiration.  I like to see moments and glimpses of reality we might otherwise miss.  These fragments of aesthetic idleness help with ideas for stories.  The walks directly inform my art.  The photos below are of a green muscle car, first spotted in a nightly walk.  This car became Mike and my’s model for the car driven by the script’s protagonist.

These and other photos related to the production are also one of the many rewards we are giving away.  Please visit the Goblin Kickstarter to learn how you can support and be involved.  


Kickstarter Update #2

We’re off to an awesome start and want to keep the good vibes going! We thought it was high time that everyone got to know Y-Dee Dee. She’s a little wacky, she’s in the film, and she’s vlogtastic! Played by Rachel Bownik, Y-Dee Dee acts as the story’s unofficial narrator. If you watched the Promotional Teaser for Goblin, you probably already saw her, but now you can check out one of her full vlogs below! More of her episodes are to come. Enjoy, and have a Goblin kind of weekend.

Check it out –> The Y-Dee Dee Show / Zone
And Please continue to support and share our Kickstarter Campaign for Goblin.

Kickstarter Update #1

We’re so grateful to our backers in these first two days!  It’s a solid start, so thank you for contributing and spreading the word about this campaign!   We could not do this without you.  You are helping us with our dream of making a feature film.

There are also the mysterious fragmented pathways of dream within the film, Goblin, the experiential phantoms that we’d love to share.  So let’s continue the journey!

Please tell your friends to visit our Kickstarter, HERE.