Chris Lange – Director, Screenwriter

Christopher Lange is a director, writer, and cinematographer.  His eye for the image brings a sense of the painterly to his cinematic work, providing visceral, dream-like, and sensory experiences within the lives of characters.  His short, Oracle (2016) was officially selected at the Athens International, Minneapolis St. Paul International, Buffalo Niagara, Miami Independent, Verona International, Amarcord Arthouse, Sydney World, Motor City Nightmares, Chennai International, Polish International, Charlotte, and other film festivals. His short, Home Near Water (2014), was awarded Best Romantic Short at the Chicago Underground Film Festival and selected at Maryland Film Festival, Minnesota National Television [MNTV], Twin Cities PBS [TPT] , Walker Art Center, and more. He holds a BFA in art from the University of Minnesota and an MFA in filmmaking from Ohio University.  Visit Chris’s personal portfolio website here.

Mike Gray – Producer, Screenwriter

Mike Gray is a producer of media. He has created video for businesses, nonprofits and artists, developed multiple web series, hosted and facilitated podcasts, directed numerous short films, and produced music videos. He has advised organizations on how to effectively communicate their missions through making innovative and exciting uses of media and current technologies. He also works as an audio technician, providing many of these same projects with mixes, sound design and even musical composition. Mike holds an MFA in filmmaking from Ohio University as well as a Ph.D. from the University of Essex in the U.K.  Visit Mike’s personal portfolio website here.

Rachel Bownik – Associate Producer / Actor Y-Dee Dee

Rachel Bownik plays the character Y-Dee Dee (or YDD) in Goblin.  She is a Minneapolis based actor and filmmaker.  Click here to see the latest entry on the Y-Dee Dee vlog.  Also, be sure to follow Y-Dee Dee on Facebook and Instagram.