Chris Lange – Director, Screenwriter

Chris is a director, writer, editor, and cinematographer.  As a recent recipient of a Minnesota State Arts Board media grant, he made The Last Reel (2018), a documentary that witnesses a discount movie theater’s eventful final days before handing its keys over to a megachurch and transitioning from 35mm to digital projection.  Chris was the cinematographer for the international sci-fi feature, Project Eden (2017), and the Minnesota-based independent feature, Special Ed (expected completion 2018).  His eye for the image brings a sense of the painterly to his cinematic work.  His short, Oracle (2016) was officially selected at the Athens International, Minneapolis St. Paul International, Buffalo Niagara, Motor City Nightmares, Chennai International, Polish International, Charlotte, and other film festivals.  His short, Home Near Water (2014), was awarded Best Romantic Short at the Chicago Underground Film Festival and selected at Maryland Film Festival, Walker Art Center, and more. He holds a BFA in art from the University of Minnesota and an MFA in filmmaking from Ohio University.  Visit Chris’s personal portfolio website here.

Mike Gray – Producer, Screenwriter

Mike is a producer of media and an educator. He has created video for businesses, nonprofits and artists, developed multiple web series, hosted and facilitated podcasts, directed numerous short films, and produced music videos. He has advised organizations on how to effectively communicate their missions through making innovative and exciting uses of media and current technologies. He also works as an audio technician, providing many of these same projects with mixes, sound design and even musical composition. He has taught courses in film production, screenwriting, mass communication, and film studies. He is on the board of the Olympia Film Collective and is the host of Short and Sweet, an educational program devoted to short films and the people that make them in the Pacific Northwest. Mike holds an MFA in filmmaking from Ohio University as well as a Ph.D. from the University of Essex in the U.K. Visit Mike’s personal portfolio website here.

Rachel Bownik – Associate Producer / Actor Y-Dee Dee

Rachel Bownik plays the character Y-Dee Dee (or YDD) in Goblin.  She is a Minneapolis based actor and filmmaker.  See the latest entry on the Y-Dee Dee vlog, and follow Y-Dee Dee on Facebook and Instagram.

Andy Var – Actor

Andy was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and raised in a musical household. He has always had an interest in the arts.  A massive fan of horror/mystery films, Andy is excited to be a part of Goblin and further his career as an actor.  Andy will play the character of James in Goblin.

Nadya Anderson – Actor

Nadya is ecstatic to explore a familiar backdrop while being a part of this unique, creative venture. She is Minnesota born and bred, as one could determine in her esteem for Juicy Lucy’s and her emphasized articulation of the word “boat”. She is pursuing an undergraduate degree in English, and aspires to find a vocation wherein she will be able to tell compelling stories through various media for many audiences. Nadya will play the character of Laura in Goblin.

Darren Joe – Director of Photography

Darren received his B.A. in Studio Arts at the University of California, Irvine, where he studied photography, video art, and digital mediums. In 2010, he moved to London to follow his passion of becoming a filmmaker.  While in London, he pursued a masters degree at the London Film School. His time in London saw him DP films around the world, including the UK, France, and India.  Films that he’s shot have been shown in festivals around the globe, including Sundance and the Cannes Film Festival.  Whether it be narrative, documentary, music video, or commercial, Darren looks forward to collaborating with creative individuals to bring fresh and exciting experiences to the screen.

Vanessa Miles – Production Designer

Vanessa has been making art for film for more than 15 years on projects ranging from small independents to large studio features like Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight (2008).  Most recently Vanessa designed the international independent sci-fi adventure Project Eden (2017), recently in theaters, overseeing multiple art department crews on two different continents a world away from one another.  Vanessa is a master at creating a cohesive and impactful look for a film, reinforcing and shaping the storytelling experience by building worlds for the characters and plot to truly inhabit.

Neha Belvalkar – Line Producer

Neha has been engaged in making films both fiction and documentary since 2006. She has worked as an assistant director on various independent films in Mumbai, India, such as Dev Benegal’s Road, Movie (2009) and Nandita Das’s Firaaq (2008). She has also worked with community video initiatives such as Video Volunteers (Goa, India), which aims at empowering marginalized communities by giving them the skills and resources to make films on their own issues. She moved to the U.S. to study film at Ohio University, where she graduated with an MFA. She also uses her background and knowledge in film as a teaching artist with arts for social change organizations and schools. She helped craft and guide short documentaries about food justice and racial profiling in high schools. Her films strive to have ideas that are both aesthetically and politically engaging.

Chris Onderick – Associate Producer

Christopher began filmmaking as an energetic kid with a VHS camcorder and a knack for telling stories. It wouldn’t be long until he was working on nationally recognized award winning public access television programs while earning a degree in Studies in Cinema and Media Culture from the University of Minnesota. With a deep respect for the moving image he worked on numerous short films, several web-series, and produced the feature length documentary Who is Vermin Supreme? (2014) that followed the presidential campaign antics of the titular political satirist. Recently, Onderick produced the documentary The Last Reel, a collaboration with Goblin director Christopher Lange. Onderick is currently producing a short documentary on American ethnopharmacologist Dennis McKenna and a feature length documentary on the controversial extreme environmental group the Church of Euthanasia with his brother and long time collaborator Steve Onderick.